The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleanings

Dental hygiene at home is key to helping us maintain a healthy smile. But although brushing and flossing are crucial aspects, without regular teeth cleanings in your dentist's office you may not be doing enough. Cleanings and the accompanying checkups by your dentist Dr. Gary Carmassi in Pittsburgh, PA can help you fight against the damaging effects of plaque on your teeth, as well as help prevent complications.

Plaque and Your Smile

Plaque is the sticky fuzzy stuff that builds up on your teeth every day. It is made up of different strains of bacteria mixed along with food particles. This bacteria feeds on sugars and carbs from our foods and expel acids that damage our teeth and our gums over time. Causing cavities and gum disease if left to its own devices.

Brushing and Flossing

Because plaque builds daily on our teeth, daily we must remove it by brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, and flossing to remove the plaque between our teeth once a day. However diligent we are brushing and flossing some plaque will typically remain, and thanks to the minerals in our saliva it can harden. When this occurs we call this tartar, which is practically impossible for you to remove at home.

Tartar and Cleanings

At your dentist's office, this tartar can be removed during a cleaning, which can be unpleasant if it's your first time in a while having this done. The more regularly you practice good dental hygiene at home and have these professionals cleanings done the less tartar will build. These cleanings usually end with your dentist polishing your teeth which can keep plaque from building back up so quickly. Cleanings are recommended every six months so that they can work in tandem with one another and with your brushing and flossing at home to more efficiently keep your teeth clean and plaque and tartar free.

Teeth Cleanings in Pittsburgh, PA

During your bi-annual visits, your doctor will examine your smile for signs of trouble and develop plans to avoid future complications. Which can be far more invasive the longer we wait to treat them.

So dial (412) 367-4515 to schedule a visit with your dentist Dr. Carmassi in Pittsburgh, PA, who also serves the surrounding areas of Ross Township, North Hills, McCandless, and Glenshaw, PA.

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